Wien leuchtet 2016

KHM & NHM Vienna

In an interplay of light, sound, video and slide projection, visitors of the light festival “Wien leuchtet 2016” were able to immerse themselves into a special atmosphere over three evenings. While the Natural History Museum was presented with alternating slide projections for the first time, the Kunsthistorisches Museum has been staged using 3D video mapping. Large-scale images on the floor as well as projections and sound collages on the four Tritons and Naiads fountains merged the ambience with the visitors into a comprehensive work of art.

CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION.  Lichttapete / 4youreye
SHOWN SEGMENTS.  Tim Schmelzer & Marcus Zobl (Lichttapete)

AGENCY.  Wien Marketing
LOCATION.  Maria-Theresien-Platz, Vienna
PROJECTION EQUIPMENT.  Lichttapete, Rezac HPP, Pani Projection & Lighting
YEAR.  2016

Natural History Museum

As part of the Vienna Festival of Lights, the Natural History Museum on Maria-Theresien-Platz was immersed in changing static panorama projections. The specially created artistic image collages were projected onto the 170m long facade using 8 Pani high-performance slide projectors. Some motifs related to illustrations by Ernst Haeckl, which also represent an exhibition focus in the museum.


Names of this World

The figures of the tritons and naiad fountains represent the sea world. The fountain showed a sea of colourful names that constitute the unity of mankind. "Names of this World" shined as a hopeful message for the future.

The Sea

As part of the Vienna Festival of Lights, the Triton and Najad fountain created by Edmund Hofmann of Aspernburg was selected to project Jules Michelet's poem “The Sea” in the form of the Morse alphabet. The projection was supplemented by an acoustic translation of the poem into Morse signals.